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Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis is a condition in which the outer part of the elbow becomes sore and inflamed. It is one of the most common injuries we see at Physiotherapy London at both our Canary Wharf and Marble Arch clinics.  Most commonly through overuse or overload, the tendon at the elbow becomes injured. This leads to pain and tenderness on the outside of the elbow.

One way to help treat minor or acute cases of tennis elbow is to simply rest the affected arm. The rest allows it to recover, and over a couple of days the pain usually settles. However, if you’ve had elbow pain for more than a couple of weeks you should have it looked at. The underlying problem with tennis elbow is that the tendon shows signs of degenerative change. This causes the tendon to lose some of it’s ability to absorb load, and makes it vulnerable to injury from what might otherwise be routine daily activities.

From more persistent or chronic cases, physiotherapy is the treatment of choice.  The pain associated with Tennis Elbow can be severe, but most cases resolve with non-operative physiotherapy treatment in a few weeks.

How does Physiotherapy help?

While tennis elbow is mostly a tendon problem local to the elbow, it’s important to make sure that the pain isn’t referred from the neck or shoulder.  That’s a surprisingly common cause (even without neck pain).  Once we’ve confirmed you have a tennis elbow we treat it in a number of ways. Physiotherapy treatment usually involves a combination of things aimed at promoting healing, strengthening the tendon, and preventing tennis elbow returning.

The problem with persistent tennis elbow, is that the body has ceased healing effectively.  Our treatment aims to kick start that process again, and how we approach it will depend a little on your specific case.  Does it come from tennis? Or perhaps from using a computer too much?  The answer to these questions helps guide our treatment.

Our Physio’s are some of the best, and tennis elbow is one of the most common things they treat.  So, if you have elbow pain why not book in and start on your road to recovery?

Below are a range of the treatment techniques that we use to help cure Tennis Elbow:

  • Deep Tissue Massage: removing tension from the muscle
  • Tendon “Cyriax” friction: promotes blood flow to the tendon
  • Dry needling: restarting the inflammatory/healing process
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Tendon strength and conditioning
  • Elbow joint mobilisation techniques

How long does it take to fix?

Tennis elbow can be a persistent injury.  Once it is established it usually requires treatment to alleviate the pain and then prevent it from returning.  We typically see improvements in tennis elbow within 1-3 sessions, and the average number of sessions needed is 5-6.  Treatment is initially focussed on reducing pain as quickly as possible.  However, in order to prevent the pain from returning it’s important to continue with a specifically designed tennis elbow strenghting regime for 2-3 months. This is a home based regime, so you don’t need to keep coming back!

What happens if it doesn’t improve?

If after 3 sessions your tennis elbow pain isn’t improving, we will refer you to an elbow physician. Sometimes a cortisone injection can be helpful, and very rarely surgery is required. However for 80% of our patients, physiotherapy cures their tennis elbow.


Initial Assessment and Treatment – 1 Hr: £95

Follow-up Treatment – 30 mins: £65


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