sports massage docklands

Sports Massage Docklands

Sports massage is a relaxing, non-invasive treatment for muscular aches and pains, injury rehabilitation and stress relief.

At our Docklands sports massage clinic, we help athletes improve their performance, office workers straighten their spines and injured weekend warriors return to their routine.

So if you live or work in the Docklands, sports massage might be the answer to that niggling pain in your back or that lack of power in your forearm swing.

Who can benefit from sports massage?

Though it’s called sports massage, you don’t have to play sport to benefit. Massage therapy is just as beneficial if you are only occasionally active or have a sedentary lifestyle.

While we can still relieve your stress, the reason our massage therapy is called “sports massage” is to differentiate it from more relaxation and leisure focused types of massage.

We provide sports massage in Docklands at our Canary Wharf clinic which is informed by the latest clinical research and performed by highly trained professional massage therapists, with support form our world-class team of physiotherapists.

We serve a diverse clientele at our Docklands sports massage clinic, including:

  • Professional athletes
  • Office workers
  • Marathon runners
  • Performance artists
  • Police and security officers
  • Retirees
  • Full-time parents

How does sports massage reduce my pain?

The sensation of pain is caused by a signal sent to your brain from nerves called nociceptors. By interrupting this signal, massage therapy can “trick” your brain into thinking the pain is gone, without having to use any medicine.

This is achieved by overwhelming the neutral pathways used by the nociceptors with signals from other nerves that are stimulated during massage therapy, such as those that report sensation, pressure or balance.

Sports massage, just like exercise, also releases endorphins, which reduce the transmission of pain signals and produce a mild euphoric state.

We can use this pain-free window to restore movement to stiff or fatigues muscles and joints, which brings us on to the next benefit of sports massage.

How does sports massage restore my movement?

Muscle and joint stiffness is one the most common complaints we address at our Docklands sports massage clinic. This stiffness is often caused by scar tissue or adhesion within the muscle, caused by prolonged contraction, inactivity or injury.

Once our massage therapy has put you into a relaxed, pain-free state, we use deep tissue massage to apply direct and hard pressure to the affected muscle or ligament to break down hard tissue in your muscle, then manipulate the joint to gradually restore movement.

If not administered correctly, deep tissue massage can exacerbate injured tissue rather than heal it, so it’s important that you receive deep tissue massage from experienced, professional massage therapists.

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