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Sports Massage Canary Wharf

Feeling sore, stressed or stiff?

Book an appointment at our Canary Wharf sports massage clinic for personalised massage therapy precisely tailored to address your aches, pains and performance goals.

We provide much more than scented oils and soothing music. Our sports massage is informed by the latest science and research, with the same level of world-class care and support you can expect from any of the services at our Canary Wharf clinic.

What is sports massage?

Daily life puts a lot of strain on your body, whether you’re a runner, enjoy a bit of sports on the weekend or work long hours in one of the hundreds of offices in Canary Wharf. Sports massage directly manipulates your soft tissues to reduce pain, stiffness and improve circulation, helping your body stay ahead of its challenges.

Everyone knows massage therapy feels good – and its stress-relieving properties can’t be overlooked – but there’s a lot more to a sports massage than relaxing you.

Let’s go over some of the benefits you can experience from a visit to our Canary Wharf sports massage clinic.

Sports massage reduces your pain

From office workers to athletes, everyone experiences pain in their muscles or joints. Reducing this pain is key to restoring movement, treating injuries and simply enjoying life to the full.

Whether on its own or in tandem with physical therapy, sports massage can reduce your pain by directly stimulating nerves that share neurological pathways to your brain with nerves that report your pain.

Think of it as massage therapy creating a traffic jam in your neurological pathways. By overwhelming those paths with “traffic” from nerves that report pressure, balance or sensation, the signals from nerves that report pain are unable to reach the brain in time.

By manipulating your body’s built-in nervous system, regular massage therapy can significantly reduce your pain without having to rely on any medication.

Sports massage restores your movement

On their own, the pain-relieving effects of massage therapy can help to restore your movement, but there are additional techniques we deploy in our Canary Wharf sports massage clinic to keep you moving.

One is stimulation of the gamma motor neuron, which is responsible for muscle contraction. Precise massage therapy can cause this nerve to fire, contracting a muscle that may have become loose through inactivity or injury.

The other technique is deep tissue massage, where we apply high pressure on injured or tight muscles to break down scar tissue or muscle adhesion that may be impeding full movement.

Sports massage improves your circulation

Your body needs to deliver nutrients to its cells and flush away waste in order to recover, a role which is performed by your circulatory system. Poor circulation slows down the speed at which you can recover from post-workout exhaustion, injuries or just a long week at your desk.

Sports massage activates a number of natural mechanisms within your body that improve your circulation both generally and locally to accelerate your healing.

During massage therapy, we apply pressure to your veins and arteries to improve blood flow in the affected area, reduce blood pressure and dilate your capillaries – vessels that transport nutrients and oxygen to cells and remove waste from them.

Massage therapy has also been found to increase the amount vasodilators in and around the manipulated tissue. Vasodilators, such as histamine and acetylcholine, dilate your blood vessels, which further improve circulation.

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Whether you want to improve your athletic performance, recover from injury or just give your body some much needed attention,
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