Posture Correction

Posture is the position in which you hold your body up against gravity while standing or sitting. Good posture involves training the right muslces to work in the right way.  Getting them to work properly while standing, walking or sitting.  When you have good posture, there is less strain on some of the sensiotive connective tissue through your body.

Getting a good posture requires you to learn new movements and positions, but also change many life-long habits too.

Your body uses learnt muscle patterns to perform most daily activities. When we sit, stand, and walk, we use previously learnt motor patterns. If your body has learnt to slouch – that’s what it will do. We have to change those patterns.

Physiotherapists are experts at correcting and improving posture, so the first step is getting your posture assessed.

The things we will look to achieve are:

Normal Joint Range of Motion. If you have stiff spinal joints they will need to be loosened.

Normal Muscle Length. If your muscles are too tight you won’t be able to get into a good posture.

Good Muscle Strength. This is critical.  You need good muscle strength to hold good postures.

Good Awareness. You need to have an awareness of what position your body is in at any time.  This is where physiotherapy comes into its own.

Good Posture Habits.

Book into see one of our experienced Physiotherapists. They will identify any postural problems, before treating you with a combination of with hands-on treatment and specific posture exercise.

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