Post Surgery Rehab

At Physiotherapy London we specialise in assisting our patients to return to optimal strength, function and mobility after surgery. We’re at the forefront of post-surgical rehabilitation, and at both Canary Wharf and Marble Arch our Physiotherapist use a fully equipped rehabilitation gym to help speed your recovery.  Physiotherapy London is regularly involved with surgical meetings and our Physiotherapists often attend surgery with patients to ensure we know how to best rehab patient afterwards. Recovery is often frustrating following surgery, however with specific treatment and quality physiotherapy, patients can reduce recovery time significantly. While different for each surgery, rehab usually involves a graduated strengthening program, together with manual therapy.

Working closely with your surgeon we develop focused individual treatment plans and practical goals that aim to get you back to your pre surgery level of strength, fitness and agility.

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Back pain, knee and shoulder pain, are just a few of the common conditions we treat…

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