Physical MOT

The Physical MOT is an assessment of your physical health, including the health of your joints, strength, balance, agility and cardiovascular fitness. After assessing each of the above we can tell you which areas need improvement and how to improve them. Then we’ll tell you which are normal, better than normal or need to improve and give you easy to understand and realistic advice on how to work on problem areas.

The Physical MOT is great for people who want to know how physically healthy they are, and want to improve their physical capacity.

It’s particularly important for people 35 and over. It’s around this age that the effect of progressive weakness and stiffness begins to show. Its when you start to notice ageing.

But age is no excuse. At all ages you can improve your physical fitness and mobility. You can – as many of our patients show – be stronger and more flexible when you’re 60 than when you were 40. You can enjoy life more and perform at a higher level both at work but alos in exercise.

Equally, if you ignore the daily niggles, they can easily turn into something more serious and chronic.

Don’t accept this as a normal feature of ageing. Make your future health a priority and get stronger, more flexible and more agile. Come in and see one of our Physiotherapists at Canary Wharf and Marble Arch. You’ll be surprised what you’re capable of.

The Physical MOT costs £105 and takes one hour. Book yours now!

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