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Physiotherapy Near Charing Cross

Physiotherapy London is one of the leading Physiotherapy and Sports Injury clinics in London. (click Map to follow directions from Charing Cross)

Our Marble Arch clinic is only a 1 minute walk from Marble Arch underground on the Central line.  Our Marble arch clinic is convenient for anyone in the Charing Cross area.  Based inside Gymways – with fantastic state of the art rehab equipment – our Physiotherapists specialise in treating back pain and sports injuries. Whether you’re a desk worker, high level athlete, or weekend warrior, we will help get you back on the road to recovery.

So, if you live or work in the Charing Cross area, and are suffering pain or an injury, why not book into to see one of our Physiotherapists.

How can I reduce pain now?

If you’re in pain or have an injury and aren’t sure what to do, then please ring us on 0207 093 3499 we’re happy to arrange a free chat with one of our Physiotherapists.

We see all types of patients at Physiotherapy London including:

  • Professional athletes
  • Office workers
  • Marathon runners
  • Performance artists
  • Manual workers
  • Retirees
  • Full-time parents

What does Treatment involve?

Most physiotherapy treatment is fairly straightforward. The most important thing is to identify the cause of the problem. This can usually be done with a range clinical tests, and without the need for scans.

Treatment will usually consist of a combination of hands-on manual therapy techniques (massage, manipulation, joint mobilisation) and specific exercise. We may also use dry needling/acupuncture, and electrotherapy.

How long are the treatment sessions?

An initial assessment and treatment is 1 hr. Any further sessions are usually 30 minutes. We will tell you how many session we think you’ll need, and don’t keep treating you if you’re not improving.  25% of our patients need only one session, while most need between 2-6 sessions.  However we can be more specific after you’ve been assessed.

What are the fees?

Initial Physiotherapy assessment and Treatment – 1 hr:  £95 (£85 if you book online)

Follow-up physiotherapy appointment: £65

We are covered by all major insurers

Our Team

Mani Bhangra

MSc BSc MCSP HCPC MAACP Sports and Spinal Physiotherapist

Mani is a passionate, professional, and caring Physiotherapist who has a both an BSc in Physiotherapy and a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Science. He has worked in professional sport and...

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Daniele Delicati

MSc BSc MCSP HCPC Sports and Spinal Physiotherapist

Daniele specialises in treating running injuries, sports injuries and back pain. He has a lifelong passion for sport and fitness, leading him to complete degrees in both Physiotherapy and Sport...

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Karlee Croad

Practice Manager

Shortly after moving to the UK from Australia, Karlee became the Practice Manager at Physiotherapy London in 2016.  She has since committed herself to providing the highest level of care...

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Great service. Quick and friendly. Identified my issue quickly and after a couple of sessions provided the exercises I needed to get me back to full strength without the need for any further physio. Very much more
Matt Beattie
06:11 29 Jul 17
Great professional service. They really try hard to get you on your feet.
Irina Sonich
08:52 29 Jan 17
I went for a 30 minute sports massage with Sophie Wicks today. I've had a problem with tight knots in my calves and I thought a massage pre-race would be a good idea. She applied good hard pressure on those knots unlike many masseurs and also gave me some post-run tips for loosening those muscles. Unlike many practitioners, she did not oversell and say that I needed a massage once a month or every week as I don't get many running related injuries. I will definitely be more
Alison Walker
16:16 19 Oct 15
These folk have been looking after me very well since 2007 through various sports injuries. They offer a comprehensive team of truly excellent specialists.Yet they are still small enough to be personal have a clear sense of who each client/patient is. The level of communication is first rate, as is attention to detail. Very convenient to get to from Canary more
Anthony Holland
17:16 06 May 15
I saw Milly Mirkovic for a sports related shoulder injury. I received excellent, expert professional care. Milly performed really detailed assessments at each appointment and set me tailored exercise programmes that were achievable. This got me back to normal fitness (and some!) in a reasonable timeframe. A couple of months along now and no recurrence of the problem. Many thanks. read more
09:36 31 Mar 16
I worked with Kasia Z. to deal with a torn elbow tendon, and I cannot recommend her enough. She was great to work with: patient, understanding and flexible. She gave me exercises to do at home to help speed the recovery process and was very responsive in tailoring them to my feedback as to what worked and what i was finding hard to incorporate into my daily routine. She not only helped me with the elbow, but gave me some great insights into my body, as well as recommending types of exercises I should focus on to prevent repeat more
Zuzana B
18:14 09 Aug 15
Following persistent pain in my knee, I saw my GP who recommended physiotherapy sessions. I contacted Physiotherapy London (Canary Wharf) and got an appointment quickly and at a convenient time. I saw a lower limb specialist who was very knowledgeable and friendly. He took time to assess the problem, discussed with me various way of improving the condition and showed me in detail exercises I could do at home. Very positive experience from the reception lady to the specialist. Highly recommended. read more
Jérôme Berteloot
12:51 16 Mar 15
The staff here are LOVELY and so helpful!
Jessica Ellis
15:23 30 Jan 18
My physiotherapist Candice is fab. I can't say enough great things about her and her professionalism. After suffering a trapped nerve and extremely painful scapula for nearly 8 weeks all the NHS would offer me was strong drugs, I was at my wit's end. I saw Candice, she gave me a comprehensive medical diagnosis as to what was causing the problem and has offered to refer me back into the NHS should a set schedule of regular treatments not rectify the problem. I was dubious about going privately for treatment as money is tight, but this organisation seems to want to help. There is not a schedule of endless appointments and the prices are reasonable. The condition is improving slowly and I feel better in myself knowing what caused it and that I am in safe hands going forward.Thank you more
Trudi Hamer
19:32 25 Feb 18
Excellent therapists
Joy Gwatkin
07:26 17 Feb 18
I would highly recommend Physiotherapy London. Amazing and knowledgeable professional services.
Imran Javid
11:31 02 Mar 18
I have used Physiotherapy London at their Westferry studio on and off for several years and for various (never serious) reasons. I have always found them to be knowledgeable and professional in their approach, and they do not drag out and prolong the treatment beyond what is necessary. I am being treated by Mani at present for a problem with my wrists and have to say that he is just a bit exceptional. So approachable and kind.I cannot praise him enough. I highly recommend this more
Kathleen Mc Laughlin
14:20 23 Mar 18
Amazing massage as a thanks for referring a friend to Jodi one of the physiotherapists who sorted out my messed up ankle. Great massage, great physio. Thanks guysread more
Ina Farrelly
12:04 29 Mar 18
I met a great therapist there and pretty happy what I got treated. There’s a little gym too for the patients. It was a little hard to find at first time as it just looked like a parking and more
10:37 03 May 18
Visited physiotherapist in Slough for my shoulder pain, after 10 session no improvement was made whatsoever. Saw orthopedic who referred me to Mani Bhangra at Physiotherapy London (canary wharf). I could see the major improvements within 5 sessions.Mani knows what he does like a pro. Couldn't recommend him enough.The lovely lady on reception is also credit to the business, very friendly and more
Ahsan Jalil
06:51 27 Jul 18
Depends who u get. Ive had 1 gd, 1 pretty average
Patrick Little
12:04 15 Jul 18
Great physio, good diagnosis and immediate exercises that helped fix my back pain. Literally crying with relief, thanks!
Mango Bob
18:46 06 Sep 18
I was referred to Scott Branny at Physiotherapy London following a broken left ankle. Unbeknownst to Scott, I had also been suffering with chronic, debilitating nerve pain on my right side, as regards which I had been, at the time of our first Consultation, seeking help not only all over London but abroad also, to no avail. Simply put, I had started to give up all hope. Scott has not only helped me progress with my ankle but has worked steadily with a curiosity and integrity I have not experienced, towards ultimately freeing me of my nerve pain. He is the first medical professional I have come across for as long as I can remember in whom I truly believe I can place my trust and faith. He is a consummate professional who communicates with absolute clarity while maintaining a caring and empathic manner - qualities which, in my experience, are now extremely rare. My experience of the greater "team" has also been second to none. In Sue, on reception, you could not wish for a more supportive and understanding point of contact, and equally in her colleague Karlie, the "human touch" is never forgotten and, refreshingly, nothing is ever a problem. Furthermore, they all own a very real understanding of the "life" complications, and a true sensitivity to the difficulties, which accompany injury and pain. In sum, I would recommend Scott and the team at Physiotherapy London, without reservation, and in the highest possible more
Erin Dick
15:18 17 Dec 18
Great physio. Scott took the time to really understand my problem and is extremely knowledgeable and began fixing the problems in my first session. Sue is always really welcoming on reception and they're very well more
Niall Durkan
08:11 21 Jan 19
Candice Morgan is an absolute superstar!Within the 1st 5mins of my appointment she had figured out I had herniated a disc in my lower back, i had previously seen my GP on 2 occasions and even visted A&E and nobody told me what was wrong with me, just given painkillers and sent away.I saw candice for four sessions and her hands on approach and knowledge of muscloskeletal issues are exceptional, she is an expert in her field and has a warm, friendly and professional approach.Candice I can not thank you enough! You have fixed me!Highly recommended!read more
Mohammad Burhan Uddin
17:39 05 Mar 19
I've been going here for a little while, Manni Baghra is pretty great in terms of treatment as well as friendliness. The admin staff are also very helpful and friendly!read more
nora latapi
19:11 26 Mar 19
They have really helped me with my ankle!
Jaque Stone
12:59 29 May 19
This is the second time in a few years I am going there for consultation. First time for a back problem and now for tennis elbow. The physiotherapists there were very professional and able to help with the more
Jacob Joseph
18:15 26 Jun 19
Really good I used this service and it help me a lot Thank you guys
abdelelah ouhiya
06:26 22 Jul 19
Very professional and would highly recommend.Staff are very polite and friendly. They also have a good variety of specialists for different ailments and more
Vijay Sisodia
09:46 18 Aug 19
Booked a session asking if they have physiotherapist who are able to deal with Hoffa Fat Pad impingement and was told yes. In my first session with the therapist I was making conversation and asked if he knows how to deal with this and if he has had any cases before, he said he didn't have any cases of this at the clinic, in regards to his ability to help he mumbled under his breath hesitantly he think he can which doesn't help especially for the price you are more
Mohammed Imran Kabir
19:26 12 Mar 20
Great healers
Francis Alexander
15:37 08 Sep 20
really good sessons
Dennis Crawford
13:54 28 Jan 21

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