Physiotherapy London receives great feedback week after week, month after month, year after year

'During the course of my treatment, my physio Fiona was a very pleasant and caring person. Yes, I would recommend the clinic to anyone who needs physio treatment'.

E. B 29th February 2016,
E. B 29th February 2016

'Very pleased with the treatment from Jody. Would certainly come back'.

C. W 13th February 2016,
C. W 13th February 2016

'Everything what I wished for!'

F. H 7th February 2016,
F. H 7th February 2016

'Mani is an experienced, reliable, thorough practitioner. He is also a nice and likable individual'.

A. D’A 30th January 2016,
A. D'A 30th January 2016

'Excellent specialist, so kind and knowledgeable. Reception staff are so welcoming. Strongly recommend the clinic to everyone'.

H. A 9th January 2016,
H. A 9th January 2016

'Neil provided a great customer service. Very knowledgeable and reassuring'.

A. P 5th January 2016,
A. P 5th January 2016

'Superb treatment throughout. Milly was great throughout, specifically her patience at dealing with a patient who didn't always follow instructions (hence the slow recovery - all my fault). Brilliant treatment delivered in a professional and accommodating way'.

J. McC 30th December 2015,
J. McC 30th December 2015

'Again, very pleased with my treatment. Jody was very professional & very friendly'.

N. H 29th December 2015,
N. H 29th December 2015

'Josephine is a great therapist. She always took the time and was genuinely caring. I would highly recommend her'.

R. B 12th December 2015,
R. B 12th December 2015

'I don't think I would have got through the painful journey that was frozen shoulder so quickly without Kasia!!'.

K. V 7th December 2015,
K. V 7th December 2015

'Kasia was very good and engaged with me. Had a lot of patience to answer questions, which eventually led to great satisfaction. My shoulder is much better thanks to Kasia. (If you have a bonus scheme, Kasia definitely deserves one)'.

A. M 4th December 2015,
A. M 4th December 2015

'Kasia is the best physio I've seen to date. Highly knowledgeable & professional. She treated not only my arms and knee, but also my wife's back & cousin's back too'.

X. M 2nd December 2015,
X. M 2nd December 2015

‘Excellent practitioner – able to recommend a flexible program of exercises which has been very effective’.

M. E 20th November 2015,
M. E 20th November 2015

'I've always had great service and treatment. Thank you.'

P. A 17th November 2015,
P. A 17th November 2015

‘Neil was very helpful, prepared and clear’.

P. P 17th November 2015,
P. P 17th November 2015

'Kasia was A++++!'.

Z. B 16th November 2015,
Z. B 16th November 2015

'The reception staff throughout my treatment were so helpful, understanding & accommodating. The therapist was so professional & has a high level of knowledge. The care given to me was of a high standard. Thank you.'

P. B 16th November 2015,
P. B 16th November 2015

'I am so impressed with your clinic that I recommended my Mother and my Coach'.

J-A. T 16th November 2015,
J-A. T 16th November 2015

‘Everything about the clinic & team is great. Josephine is v. knowledgeable + helpful. It was particularly good that I could bring my baby daughter!’

C. N 14th November 2015,
C. N 14th November 2015

'All fixed. Thank you! 🙂 '

N. V. K 11th November 2015,
N. V. K 11th November 2015


K. O’L 10th November 2015,
K. O'L 10th November 2015

‘Good waiting area. Carly on desk friendly’.

Anon 8th December 2015,
Anon 8th December 2015

‘KASIA WAS MARVELLOUS. Exceeded expectation. Very happy with service received’.

H. H 5th November 2015,
H. H 5th November 2015

'I couldn't be more pleased with the treatment I received. I looked forward to every appointment. Josephine is an excellent physio and a very friendly, happy person, who really put me at ease. Everyone at the clinic was a pleasure to deal with'.

E. A 9th November 2015,
E. A 9th November 2015

'Fantastic service 🙂 '

L. R 9th November 2015,
L. R 9th November 2015

'Josephine was fantastic throughout. I'd really recommend her to anyone'.

J. B 7th November 2015,
J. B 7th November 2015

'Jack was Extremely knowledgeable and professional'.

M. C 5th November 2015,
M. C 5th November 2015

'Josephine is an excellent clinician. Knowledgeable, professional & kind. Thank you'.

C. S 27th October 2015,
C. S 27th October 2015

'My knee problem was not obvious, but with Jack's diagnosis, direction, treatment and assurance I was confident & able to run the Chicago Marathon. Thanks Jack'.

D. B 25th October 2015,
D. B 25th October 2015

‘Jack was excellent – I highly recommend him. He clearly knew what he was doing and was also very supportive during my rehabilitation’.

P. M. 23rd September 2015,
P. M. 23rd September 2015

‘Great service from Kasia’.

L. L. 16th September 2015,
L. L. 16th September 2015

‘Neil was first rate – encouraging + patient. Thank you for all the help you gave me – I wish I could have been as efficient at practicing the exercises given!’

P. Mc. 16th September 2015,
P. Mc. 16th September 2015

‘Thanks for all your help Kasia!’

B. F 19th September 2015,
B. F 19th September 2015

‘Thank you. If I need more physio I will definitely come back to Fiona’.

I. H 3rd September 2015,
I. H 3rd September 2015

‘Jack was very knowledgeable and professional, and was able to put my mind at rest. Very happy and have recommended to a friend’.

K. W 25th August 2015,
K. W 25th August 2015

‘Shaun was professional and knowledgeable and made a huge difference to not only my recovery, but also my confidence of what I would be able to achieve with my hamstring in the future. Superb’.

R. W 12th August 2015,
R. W 12th August 2015

‘Very impressed with Kasia and the treatment plan’.

R. B 10th August 2015,
R. B 10th August 2015

‘Colm and the clinic were so professional and kind. Very grateful for all the help I received. I will recommend to others’.

Anon. Undated,
Anon. Undated

‘Fiona was a joy and has progressed me much further than I ever thought possible. I love Physiotherapy London and Fiona & Reception Bod :)'.

A. B 3rd August 2015,
A. B 3rd August 2015

‘Fiona was extremely professional, competent and understanding. Other than as a result of an injury, a pleasure to visit’.

S. E. R 3rd August 2015,
S. E. R 3rd August 2015

‘Great treatment & convenient for my work. Have recommended to friends, but difficult for those who don’t work/live near the wharf’.

11th July 2015,
11th July 2015

‘Jack was great as he got me fixed in no time and I will definitely recommend Physiotherapy London to my family and friends. I will also return to Physiotherapy London if I am in need of treatment in the future’.

M. R 4th July 2015,
M. R 4th July 2015

‘Overall extremely satisfied. Surgeon was very pleased with the results. Everyone is very friendly & approachable. I am very happy, thank you very much’.

D. T 27th June 2015,
D. T 27th June 2015

‘Totally happy with help given’.

D. B 22nd June 2015,
D. B 22nd June 2015

‘Shaun’s level of knowledge, speed of assertion, and affable manner really made him the perfect physio – just what I was after. Can’t praise him enough; the most concise service I could have asked for’.

C. W 12th June 2015,
C. W 12th June 2015

‘Kasia explained both the issues causing my shoulder pain and the exercises to alleviate it very well. I am very grateful for her help’.

D. W 24th May 2015,
D. W 24th May 2015

‘My wrist was in a bad shape after my fracture and Kasia did an excellent job getting it back to a near perfect state. Not only did Kasia do an excellent job from a technical perspective but her encouragement and optimism towards full recovery made a huge difference. Very grateful for all her help. Thanks for all the team’s help’.

A. R 23rd May 2015,
A. R 23rd May 2015

‘Colm was fantastic, and was such a great person to see – always encouraging (my problem was a bit complex, so I saw him over a 6-7 month period) ‘.

L. P 17th May 2015,
L. P 17th May 2015

‘I can’t recommend Jack highly enough! He is brilliant and I really enjoyed my sessions with him. The problems with my knees are still there but Jack taught me how to strap up my knee for sports and exercises to strengthen it and reduce the pain. I will hopefully sign up for more sessions soon!’

I. McC 6th May 2015,
I. McC 6th May 2015

‘Very satisfied with Ben’s personable approach, his interest in the client’s context, lifestyle, habits to try to treat beyond the timeframe of a session and give tools for good maintenance of one’s wellbeing’.

N. H 28th April 2015,
N. H 28th April 2015

‘Staff are friendly, professional and detailed’.

P. W 27th April 2015,
P. W 27th April 2015

‘Really enjoyed my sessions with Fiona. I felt stronger every week and the exercises she gave me to do definitely helped strengthen and stabilise my hip area’.

K. H 23rd April 2015,
K. H 23rd April 2015

‘Fiona was awesome’

G. K. 14th April 2015,
G. K. 14th April 2015

‘Kasia shows a depth of knowledge & demonstrates excellent expertise in both areas of treatment. She has always been a godsend to visit and extremely nice to chat with on top of her expertise, which makes her a brilliant physio!’

A. F. 8th April 2015,
A. F. 8th April 2015

‘Nothing to fault! It was agony to relief very quickly. A relief to know appointments were quickly available, as was Colm’s diary’.

T. H-H 3rd April 2015,
T. H-H 3rd April 2015

‘Great clinic & service. Very satisfied with the treatment and would recommend it to others. Kasia’s explanation was clear and easy to understand and the treatment was effective’.

A. S. 30th March 2015,
A. S. 30th March 2015

‘Kessie was a huge help and credit to the profession and Physiotherapy London’.

D. G. 28th March 2015,
D. G. 28th March 2015

‘Great service. Highly recommended’.

J. B. 24th March 2015,
J. B. 24th March 2015

‘I have been attending your clinic from time to time over the last few years, for my knee problem. I am more than satisfied with the treatment I have received’.

T. L. 24th March 2015,
T. L. 24th March 2015

‘I could not have been more impressed with my experience at your clinic. You bent over backwards to get me an early appointment, and then during treatment were the perfect mix pf professional and friendly. I felt like you cared, which is a novel experience in UK healthcare’.

B. M. F 9th March 2015,
B. M. F 9th March 2015

‘Shaun is brilliant. Give him a pay rise!!’

R. F 9th February 2015,
R. F 9th February 2015

'Kessie and Paul were both really, really good. Gave me a good idea of progression, timelines and what I needed to do. Couldn’t always get a regular time – minor gripe. In the nicest way, I hope I don’t have to come back! But if I did get injured you’re the first place I’d visit’.'

R. P 20th January 2015,
R. P 20th January 2015

'I was very happy with my treatment for the rotator cuff injury. Arjun gave me a progressive rehabilitation regime which got me to recover in 6 weeks. His exercises enabled me to get back to a stage where I can do weights again. He explained everything clearly and I’d come back if I ever need a physio again. Please pass on my thanks'.

P. J 19th January 2015,
P. J 19th January 2015

'Kessie is fantastic! She gave me great advice and was very encouraging. She has helped me recover so much quicker than I expected. I had the best service ever! Thank you Kessie!'.

S. S 19th January 2015,
S. S 19th January 2015

'The clinic is excellent and very honest, you don’t have to keep going back week after week before they fix the problem. After 3 visits they tell you to go for a scan. Friends go to a clinic 7 or 8 times and then told to get a scan if they can’t fix the problem. Keep up the good work!'.

J. E 19th January 2015,
J. E 19th January 2015

'Very professional. Communicated symptoms extremely well. Very likeable specialist'.

N. S 18th January 2015,
N. S 18th January 2015

'Fiona quickly diagnosed that an MRI/ poss. Operation was required. I was impressed by the speed of diagnosis and also that my time was not wasted with treatment that could not work'.

J. G 12th January 2015,
J. G 12th January 2015

'The treatment was great as was Kasia! I would recommend'.

C. D 6th January 2015,
C. D 6th January 2015

'Colm made me think ‘outside the box’ and managed to convince me that my back problem was not slip disc related, but rather caused by a strain of muscles. His treatments have been very effective. It’s going to be difficult to find a replacement physio in Melbourne!! Thanks for everything Colm'.

S. L 30th December 2014,
S. L 30th December 2014

'Having spent 6 months seeking treatment/diagnosis from a variety of ‘Specialists’, it was a delight to meet Colm, who diagnosed my issue & provided effective treatment & sound advice'.

S. H 30th December 2014,

'Very good and effective treatment'.

19th December 2014,
19th December 2014

'The best physio I have seen'.

C. C 13th December 2014,
C. C 13th December 2014

'Very good and effective treatment'.

Fiona 19th December 2014,
Fiona 19th December 2014

'Kessie has treated me for 9 months and has been amazing!'.

J. W 28th November 2014,
J. W 28th November 2014

'You put me back on my feet and gave me my active life back. I will always be very grateful to you!'.

A.T 23rd November 2014,
A.T 23rd November 2014

'Colm has been very helpful and has helped me understand my problem better. Extremely happy with this centre and physio'.

S. U 20th November 2014,
S. U 20th November 2014

'Excellent physiotherapist'

A. S 13th October 2014,
A. S 13th October 2014

'I have to say the best physio I have ever had'.

T. O 6th October 2014,
T. O 6th October 2014

'Thank you so much for everything you did in sorting my leg issues. Very much appreciated and I feel a totally different pain free person. Thank you v. much. Totally awesome treatment'.

J. M 17th September 2014,
J. M 17th September 2014

'I would recommend to friends, and likely to come again in the future'.

D. F. 8th September 2014,
D. F. 8th September 2014

'Excellent experience – Shaun was fantastic + would highly recommend'.

K. T. 1st September 2014,
K. T. 1st September 2014

'She's awesome! I hope I break myself again!'

C. W. 30th August 2014,
C. W. 30th August 2014

'Very handy to book appointments by email. Colm was very personable and explained things well. It's a little too early to tell, but if my problem doesn't come back I will be completely thrilled!!'

F. G 28th August 2014,
F. G 28th August 2014

'Jenny is by far the best physio out there'.

G. D’W 27th August 2014,
G. D'W 27th August 2014

'Great service!'

L. L 4th August 2014,
L. L 4th August 2014

'Kessie was completely brilliant'. W. G 29th July 2014

W. G 29th July 2014,
W. G 29th July 2014

'Would have no hesitation in seeing Jenny again for any further treatment if needed. Completely satisfied with her overall knowledge and ability which is outstanding. Would highly recommend her to anyone requiring physio treatmen'.

M. G-C 10th July 2014,
M. G-C 10th July 2014

'Jenny built a great rapport, and I found the sessions a great help with not only my injury but motivation for training for the London Marathon'.

A.S. 10th July 2014,
A.S. 10th July 2014

'Sangi was fantastic – extremely friendly and helpful'.

J. McS 10th July 2014,
J. McS 10th July 2014

'Amazing service from start to finish. First time I have ever used physio and it was an amazing service. Kasia is a true professional and exceeded my expectations. She was able to correctly diagnose my problem, which was confirmed by an MRI seen later, on the very first visit. WOW! WOW! Very happy! Thank you all so much! Thank you Kasia!'

A. M. 2nd July 2014,
A. M. 2nd July 2014

'Simply brilliant! Have recommended you on FB'.

S. G. 9th June 2014,
S. G. 9th June 2014

'Already bringing my kids as of last week. Definitely would come back'.

C. S. 9th June 2014,
C. S. 9th June 2014

'I wish to extend my deepest gratitude to physiotherapist Ben Lee for bringing my whole being back into balance. I feel completely renewed and restored and am so incredibly blissed out to have excitedly come back to my regular yoga routine this morning with an increased self-awareness, much thanks to our collaboration. He is so humble and easy to work with and most importantly he has provided me with invaluable, tailored to my body tools and techniques to use whenever I feel out of balance. His knowledge and feather-light way of communicating it is genuinely astounding and it feels comforting to know that healers like him are out there! Thank you, thank you, thank you'.

A. L. 4th June 2014,
A. L. 4th June 2014

'Excellent understanding and escalation to a Consultant when I had my re-occurrence of my spinal problems'.

T. H-S 17th May 2014,
T. H-S 17th May 2014

'Jenny left me battered & bruised, but my knee was completely fixed!'.

L. B 4th May 2014,
L. B 4th May 2014

'The clinic was very convenient as I work in Canary Wharf. The staff were very courteous and helpful and Jenny was fantastic, as the treatment was very effective and Jenny is extremely professional'.

C. O’K 28th April 2014,
C. O’K 28th April 2014


R. P 23rd April 2014,
R. P 23rd April 2014

'Having mostly experienced the French healthcare system before, I was rather disappointed by my NHS GP when taking care of sports injuries (they do very well for common illness though). Your clinic corresponded much more to the level of care and professionalism I expected'.

L. V. 3rd April 2014,
L. V. 3rd April 2014

'Jenny was extremely friendly whilst professional. I always knew how I was progressing and I felt like there was a good plan in place. Furthermore I was given advise in getting back to playing sport once I had fully recovered, which was not expected but greatly appreciated. Thanks'.

J. P 24th March 2014,
J. P 24th March 2014

'Fantastic treatment and care, I can't recommend Jenny and the team enough. I would refer all friends and family confidently'.

J. H 7th February 2014,
J. H 7th February 2014

'Jen was great - pain for gain!'

J. T 6th February 2014,
J. T 6th February 2014

'Both Sophie & Colm were excellent. My friend referred me to your clinic & I plan to do the same. Thanks so much!'.

J. B 3rd February 2014,
J. B 3rd February 2014

'This is the third time I have been for Physio and each time I am impressed. Not only for the excellent knowledge but the people skills! I was literally quite down, but after a few sessions started to feel confident again!! Can't speak highly enough!!'.

F. C 3rd February 2014,
F. C 3rd February 2014

'Sharon changed my life. Now I can look forward to long walks & dancing'.

J. M January 2014,
J. M January 2014

'I came to the clinic to see Colm specifically. He is an excellent physio who I always recommend to others'.

K. M 6th December 2013,
K. M 6th December 2013

'Great physio. I have no issues with my back since. I would definitely recommend family and friends to go'.

H. S 4th December 2013,
H. S 4th December 2013

'I have been treated by Jenny before and by Colm this time. I keep coming back for some reason. Maybe it's the location or maybe it's because I get fixed. Regardless, I can't wait to get injured again so I can be treated by your outstanding physios again'.

J. T 19th November 2013,
J. T 19th November 2013

'Kessie was professional, explaining things as she went along; keeping pain to a minimum and working with me to make it bearable while still effective. She is at all times pleasant, fun and professional – a good mix and highly recommended'.

N. B 15th November 2013,
N. B 15th November 2013

'Excellent. I’ll be back'.

S. S 14th November 2013,
S. S 14th November 2013

'Kessie is very professional & knowledgeable. Her explanation made my treatment a pleasant experience. I would highly recommend her for any future sessions'.

K. I 9th November 2013,
K. I 9th November 2013

'Jennifer was fantastic and I would highly recommend her to anyone'.

S.F 22nd October 2013,
S.F 22nd October 2013

'Terry was the most knowledgeable and effective physio I have seen in the 10 years I have had shoulder issues'.

D. L 18th October 2013,
D. L 18th October 2013

'Excellent service from all staff. Both physios are very passionate and knowledgeable about their profession. Colm was kind and interested enough to on two occasions speak to me on the phone following my treatment. Thanks'.

S.B 3rd October 2013,
S.B 3rd October 2013

'Great - explained the cause of my problems and how to strengthen so they could be avoided in the future. Thank you!'

J.H. 1st October 2013,
J.H. 1st October 2013

'Fantastic service. Couldn't recommend the place any more. Glad to be able to recommend a fantastic service to readers + users of Runner's World Magazine + online'.

S.R. 26th September 2013,
S.R. 26th September 2013

'Will recommend to other Mums!'

B. S. 6th September 2013,
B. S. 6th September 2013

'Sharon is both friendly + professional. I feel completely comfortable being treated by her!'

M.C 3rd Sept. 2013,
M.C 3rd Sept. 2013

'I was amazed. Just by walking through the door, my practitioner could tell of injuries dating back 15 years. The treatment was immediately effective & everything always explained. The practitioners were friendly & professional & did not make me feel like my injury was trivial - even though in the grand scheme of things it probably was! Thoroughly recommend & thank you!'

A.M. 28th Aug. 2013,
A.M. 28th Aug. 2013

'Dr Harris is very professional and he gave me very good advice what to do in future to fix my muscle problem. Also after his treatment I feel a lot better. Thank you!!!'

V.N. 25th Aug. 2013,
V.N. 25th Aug. 2013

'Sharon was brilliant - can't believe how helpful she was and I would highly recommend her and the services your clinic offers to everyone'.

A.M 16th Aug. 2013,
A.M 16th Aug. 2013

'Colm really helped me get on top of this reoccurring problem. I appreciate his professionalism & knowledge'.

C.M 14th Aug. 2013,
C.M 14th Aug. 2013

Colm Daly is an extremely effective practitioner. He has done for me what other similar practitioners have failed to do over a period of 30 years, which is to motivate me to deal with some underlying problems. Overall great experience of medical science & practice, and a lot of fun.

M. E. 31st July 2013,
M. E. 31st July 2013


S. G. 31st July 2013,
S. G. 31st July 2013

'Colm took the time to explain my problem clearly and gave me realistic goals to meet in order to recover. I had a very positive experience at the clinic overall'.

C. T. 17th July 2013,
C. T. 17th July 2013

'Great service; very professional staff; easy to book an appointment; good availability'.

M. G. 11th July 2013,
M. G. 11th July 2013

'Terry was brilliant at explaining what was happening and why I should do certain exercises. I have complete faith in him!'

L. M. 10th July 2013,
L. M. 10th July 2013

'I always feel that the physios are extremely knowledgeable and experienced. The treatments at Physio London are always effective. I am delighted'.

E. D. 7th July 2013,
E. D. 7th July 2013

'I thought I wouldn't manage a marathon. Finish time 3hr 45!! (aiming for 4!)'

T. M. 4th July 2013,
T. M. 4th July 2013

Harris Kardamilas was an excellent physio. I honestly thought my trapped nerve would not get better but with his treatment, exercises and adjusting my chair at work I am 99% better

W. H. 1st July 2013,
W. H. 1st July 2013

Paul is a brilliant physio - very knowledgeable and really gets results

S. H. 28th June 2013,
S. H. 28th June 2013

Sharon has been brilliant

28th June 2013,
28th June 2013

Received an accurate diagnosis and was given clear and effective treatment. The atmosphere was very comfortable with little or no upselling of medications or extra treatments. Excellent service throughout. Would highly recommend

J. W. 17th June 2013,
J. W. 17th June 2013

I cannot sing Sharon's praises highly enough. She gave excellent advice, was very kind and friendly and put me totally at ease. Very well done!

N. P. 22nd May 2013,
N. P. 22nd May 2013

Very pleased with my treatment

A. R. 23rd May 2013,
A. R. 23rd May 2013

Ann was brilliant ∓ very understanding. Practice is great - will be using again for massage purposes in the future

A. O’T. 15th May 2013,
A. O'T. 15th May 2013


T.G. 24th April 2013,
T.G. 24th April 2013

Great treatment and follow up classes for physio Pilates.

Anon 22nd April 2013,
Anon 22nd April 2013

Both Jennifer and Kessie did a brilliant job sorting out my knee injury and pushing me to a speedy recovery. I would definitely come back with future problems and would recommend them with confidence. Thanks for everything!

K.A 18th April 2013,
K.A 18th April 2013

Both Jenny & Kessie are brilliant. They did a great job in getting the problem sorted and giving me advice to ensure I manage it going forward.

D.L 26th March 2013,
D.L 26th March 2013

Great service, despite being painful! Really good explanation of the root cause of the problem and I'm back to being pain free. I would definitely recommend you in the future. Thanks.

R.S 2rd March 2013,
R.S 2rd March 2013

Harry was excellent – would definitely recommend. Very impressed with reception – flexible with payment, as I couldn't pay for follow up for a week + I thought it was a nice touch & extremely helpful! Thank you!

J.T 25th March 2013,
J.T 25th March 2013

I thought Terry was excellent and am happy with the recovery I made through his help

A.D 21st March 2013,
A.D 21st March 2013

Thanks to both James and Jenny, excellent level of treatment from both of you. If I’m going to be injured, I couldn’t ask for anyone better to help with my recovery

G.P 2nd March 2013,
G.P 2nd March 2013

'I thought treatment was very good - received good explanation of the problem, and Terry focused on working around my injury so that I could continue boxing'.

E. L 25th February 2013,
E. L 25th February 2013

'I appreciated Helen's personable approach and the fact she told me I didn't need to see her again unless the problem got worse i.e. an honest appraisal with no hard-sell'.

F. B. 24th February 2013,
F. B. 24th February 2013

'Excellent service, Mr Williams [Orthopaedic Consultant Surgeon] amazed at how quickly my feet recovered thanks to Jenny's physio'.

A.F 24th February 2013,
A.F 24th February 2013

Helen is excellent - extremely professional and knowledgeable and very good at putting you at ease

A.P 22nd February 2013,
A.P 22nd February 2013

'I have always found Physiotherapy London warm + welcoming, efficient with a very high standard of care. Thank you!'

S. McL 21st February 2013,
S. McL 21st February 2013

'Treatment from Helen has meant my SPD actually improved rather than got worse as I feared. Really excellent – would highly recommend to friends/colleagues'.

E. 18th February 2013,
E. 18th February 2013

'Very impressed by the quick diagnosis + treatment from Terry, also liked his friendly + professional manner'.

J.P 20th January 2013,
J.P 20th January 2013

'I can't rate my experience with Jennifer higher. She came highly recommended by my doctor and she was true to her reputation'.

E. J 17th January 2013,
E. J 17th January 2013

'Helen was excellent and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her'.

C.B 10th January 2013,
C.B 10th January 2013

‘Fantastic experience, a bit painful but that was to be expected. Terry is a very friendly and interesting person. Highly recommended. (Merry Christmas to you all)'.

C. G 21st December 2012,
C. G 21st December 2012

'Best physio I’ve seen!'

J. W. 5th December 2012,
J. W. 5th December 2012

'Jennifer is really good at what she does!'

D. F. 5th December 2012,
D. F. 5th December 2012

Thank you for your service'.

M. S. 19th November 2012,
M. S. 19th November 2012

'Jen has been very helpful in resolving all of my ailments. I have no problems recommending your practice in the future'.

D. C. 19th November 2012,
D. C. 19th November 2012

'Jennifer is a fantastic therapist and a lovely person! I wish her the best for the future'.

I. V. 17th November 2012,
I. V. 17th November 2012

'Without Jenny I'd never have had a summer riding through sunflower fields in France. Managed to make the inevitable pain of effective physio something I looked forward to! Worth every penny. Thanks Jenny'.

P. C. 14th November 2012,
P. C. 14th November 2012

'Terry's Pilates class is very useful, very well done'.

A. Z 13th November 2012,
A. Z 13th November 2012

'I was very pleased with results of my visit to your clinic, I have osteoarthritis of the right hip that has been causing a lot of pain. Over my six visits she sorted it for me, and I am very grateful'.

M.M 13th November 2012,
M.M 13th November 2012

'Helens expertise and knowledge is amazing - I don't know where I would be now without her help! She helped me to understand how to activate my pelvic floor muscles and get strength back where there was nothing at all. Thank you so much!'

A. S. 24th October 2012,
A. S. 24th October 2012

'Very pleased with treatment. Excellent results.'

M. O’L 19th October 2012,
M. O'L 19th October 2012

'I would recommend Physiotherapy London to friends and colleagues without hesitation. Jennifer is really friendly and makes you feel totally at ease. The level of professionalism from Jennifer and the reception staff was exceptional. Thank you.'

K. W. 15th October 2012,
K. W. 15th October 2012

'Mr Kardamilos was very helpful, clear pragmatic. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.'

F. C 12th October 2012,
F. C 12th October 2012

'Colm was very friendly and professional. Overall very satisfied!'

M. W. 10th October 2012,
M. W. 10th October 2012

'Very happy to have been treated by Physiotherapy London. Thank you!'

Anon 5th October 2012,
Anon 5th October 2012

'Jen was fantastic!! She really helped me with my injuries and explained it all thoroughly. I have recommended her to many others.'

N.M 2nd October 2012,
N.M 2nd October 2012

'Ann McCarthy was fantastic. I am now able to run again pain free!'

S. H. 1st October 2012,
S. H. 1st October 2012

'Jennifer is not only a lovely young lady but an excellent physio. I have no hesitation in recommending her and the practice to others.'

S. H. 25th September 2012,
S. H. 25th September 2012

'You're amazing!'

T. G. 20th September 2012,
T. G. 20th September 2012

'Very professional physio, relaxed atmosphere & very helpful attitude. I would return & would recommend the services provided. Terry does an excellent job. Thank you.'

C.N 29th August 2012,
C.N 29th August 2012

'Jenny was superb and I'll be back should I ever have more problems'

T.S 7th July 2012,
T.S 7th July 2012

'Terry was very friendly and professional. He was helpful and passionate about his work!'

G. O 6th July 2012,
G. O 6th July 2012


C.T 2nd July 2012,
C.T 2nd July 2012

'Helen was able to help, having visited other Osteopaths who did not really help at all. Always lovely to see her, and always felt better when I left during a very painful end of pregnancy! Would highly recommend her'.

C.B 27th June 2012,
C.B 27th June 2012

'Jennifer was great - very knowledgeable + friendly. I would definitely recommend her to others'.

E. M 14th June 2012,
E. M 14th June 2012

'I have absolutely enjoyed my time with your clinic. Paul and Terry are exceptional professionals, easy to deal with, very knowledgeable, and great fun to chat to! As I had problems with my back mainly due to stress, I found sessions with Paul and Terry extra beneficial as my mind would relax while chatting to them during the session, which also helped my back! I am so grateful to have met such great professionals'.

E. V 14th June 2012,
E. V 14th June 2012

'I could tell Jennifer knew what she was doing from the start. Only needed one treatment! Magic!'

K.M 11th June 2012,
K.M 11th June 2012

'Excellent service all through. Would recommend definitely. Terry also has a great personality'.

O.A 29/05/2012,
O.A 29/05/2012

'Very professional + knowledgeable. Would recommend highly + use again myself'.

T.O 25/05/2012,
T.O 25/05/2012

"Have already advised local GPs of the excellent facilities and care!"

Dr S. F 03/05/2012,
Dr S. F 03/05/2012

"Loved everything + Jenny was brill! Expectations exceeded. Lovely to meet you Anne too."

L. L 02/05/2012,
L. L 02/05/2012

"Good knowledge, very professional".

K. T 30/04/2012,
K. T 30/04/2012

"I would have never made it to the Paris Marathon finish line without my sessions with Jenny! Knee problems and condition of lower legs very consistent throughout marathon challenge! Bravo!"

F. Y 30/04/2012,
F. Y 30/04/2012

"Jennifer was fantastic & gave me lots of confidence. The results were speedy and dramatic".

K. S 26/03/2012,
K. S 26/03/2012

"Jenny was excellent from start to finish of my treatment. Jenny spotted from the start that I was keen to progress as quickly as possible and tailored my rehab to do so. I was back playing football after 5 months post-op. All other staff were friendly and helpful. Hope I don't need you guys again, but will be first in line if I do!!".

A.W 28/12/2011,
A.W 28/12/2011

"I was very happy with my experience. Ben was very professional, great attitude and gave me useful tips to deal with my back pain. Would definitely recommend the clinic and would come back".

A.V 06/12/2011,
A.V 06/12/2011


J.T 05/12/2011,
J.T 05/12/2011

"Jenny was polite and friendly as well as maintaining excellent professionalism".

G.G. 03/12/2011,
G.G. 03/12/2011

"When I came for Jenny's help she was the first physio in the last 4 I had had, that took a more 'hands-on' approach - with a lot of manual manipuluation - which my condition responded very well to. I was sad to leave her care due to work relocation. I am in a much better place than I was prior to seeing her!".

B.S 02/12/2011,
B.S 02/12/2011

"Would highly recommend Ben and the clinic. What appealed most, apart from the treatment, was his honesty that even after only 3 sessions I didn't need any more treatment. It would have been very easy to say I needed more sessions to keep taking my money!"

M.S 10/09/2011,
M.S 10/09/2011

"Very professional with a personal touch. Always made to feel welcome and greeted with a smile".

K. S-F 05/09/2011,
K. S-F 05/09/2011

"Ben was superb. Very comfortable in his hands. He explained the treatment well".

C. B 31.08/2011,
C. B 31.08/2011

"As a Hertfordshire GP I would be happy to recommend Jennifer to any of my patients".

P.H 30/08/2011,
P.H 30/08/2011

"I had a problem with my upper back giving me a severe cramping pain. Andre immediately diagnosed the problem. He used manipulation and acupuncture and the next day I was completely free of pain. I only needed one treatment, and would highly recommend your clinic".

K.ML 06/08/2011,
K.ML 06/08/2011

"Jenny is excellent. Having seen many physios over the years, I rate Jenny as one of the best."

D.W 31/07/2011,
D.W 31/07/2011

"Andre was excellent. He paced my recovery perfectly and I felt improvements from week 1 through to the end. I would recommend PT London, and specifically Andre, to anyone."

C.G 19/06/2011,
C.G 19/06/2011

"The staff at the clinic were very polite and helpful. Appointments with my therapist were sometimes difficult to schedule but this was understandable as it's a busy clinic. Jenny is a very competent therapist and focuses on results."

K.K 13/06/2011,
K.K 13/06/2011

"Thank you very much for your help along 2010-2011. I am extremely happy & satisfied with the treatments received. I have recommended 4 work colleagues so far to you! Thank you."

P.L.G 01/06/2011,
P.L.G 01/06/2011

"I was very pleasantly surprised by how effective the treatment was. Despite the injuries I was able to keep exercising, which was ideal as I was training for the London Marathon. Jenny was very friendly and helpful - even an email between appointments. The reception staff were very helpful with arranging appointments at short notice."

A. G 22/05/2011,
A. G 22/05/2011

"Jenny was fantastic, friendly and gave me great advice on ways to recover quickly. Would definitely recommend her. An asset to your clinic."

C.W-B 20/05/2011,
C.W-B 20/05/2011

"I have recommended the clinic - and Jen in particular - to a number of friends. Jen enabled me to successfully complete my first marathon as a result of her excellent advice and treatment."

J.M 16/05/2011,
J.M 16/05/2011

"My injury came 6 weeks before an 8 mile race. Jenny had me back in training and able to complete the race in a good time."

N.C 09/05/2011,
N.C 09/05/2011

"I would strongly recommend the services to friends who require treatment."

G.L 01/04/2011,
G.L 01/04/2011

"Ben was fantastic, not only in the effectiveness of the treatment he supplied, but as an all round nice guy!"

B.T 16/03/2011,
B.T 16/03/2011

"Always a very professional service, and I always have confidence in the specialists that they can target the problem and specifically provide suitable exercises/recommendations to solve the problem. Thank you."

E.D 13/03/2011,
E.D 13/03/2011

"Ben helped me with pelvic pain during pregnancy. He was really supportive and encouraging; a pleasure to meet with. Very proactive approach in helping write a program for me to implement with my personal trainer. Really liked that he only saw me for a few appointments and never felt like he was trying to extend my treatment".

C.T 09/03/2011,
C.T 09/03/2011

"Great physio. Hope the Quins do well!"

A.J 18/02/2011,
A.J 18/02/2011

"Very friendly and professional staff. Andre is very knowledgeable on his topic and has helped me extensively in furthering my treatment."

J.McK 04/02/2011,
J.McK 04/02/2011

"Very happy with the treatment. John gave me top service."

M.P 02/01/2011,
M.P 02/01/2011

"Ben did a terrific job and has an excellent, engaging, professional manner. Treatment was clear, well-explained and effective."

M.S-M 30/12/2010,
M.S-M 30/12/2010

"Outstanding - very pleased."

B.P 21/12/2010,
B.P 21/12/2010

"Matteo was great in helping me quickly recover from my injury, and also at giving me exercises to keep progressing and working on my ankle. Would definitely recommend him to others".

M-F.G 02/12/2010,
M-F.G 02/12/2010

"I have seen many physiotherapists during 25 years of competitive sport. Matt's treatment and diagnostics is one of the best I have come across. I will be using Matt again as a 1st port of call if I get injured again"

D.G 28/10/2010,
D.G 28/10/2010

"Excellent service. Have recommended you to a friend already!"

E.K 27/10/2010,
E.K 27/10/2010

"Brilliant treatment in a friendly clinic. Many thanks!"

R.M 25/10/2010,
R.M 25/10/2010

"Very friendly and informative. Thanks very much!!"

N.P 07/10/2010,
N.P 07/10/2010

"I am now back running and exercising as before my injury thanks to Matt and his treatment. Matt has also given me mechanisms to ensure that I stay as injury free as possible."

A.M 09/10/2010,
A.M 09/10/2010

"Keep up the good work!"

M-C. R 07/10/2010,
M-C. R 07/10/2010

"Very impressed with everything at the clinic and will certainly recommend. Many thanks to all there."

D.W. 05/10/2010,
D.W. 05/10/2010

"If I need a physio, this clinic is the one I always turn to."

V.L 06/10/2010,
V.L 06/10/2010

"It is very good and speedy recovery. Will visit again."

S.K 23/09/2010,
S.K 23/09/2010

"Excellent service, would highly recommend the team."

E.B 15/09/2010,
E.B 15/09/2010

"I was very happy with my experience."

W.L 18/09/2010,
W.L 18/09/2010

"I appreciated Matt's ability to explain what he was doing and his relaxed approach."

S.P 21/08/2010,
S.P 21/08/2010

"Matt was very personable and professional. I was extremely pleased with the service. Thanks."

N.H 07/08/2010,
N.H 07/08/2010

"Friendly environment with expertise and knowledge which I highly appreciated when receiving treatment, plus explanation of the whats, hows and whys of my injuries."

R.M 04/08/2010,
R.M 04/08/2010

"I was very impressed with the level of care I was given and the treatment and solutions offered. I would definitely use this practice again."

L.P 04/08/2010,
L.P 04/08/2010

"Excellent recommendation - very helpful with availability. Excellent treatment from Ben."

A.M 04/08/2010,
A.M 04/08/2010

"Second time at the clinic (two different areas of treatment) and once again, excellent service and treatment. My first point of call for any physio needed. My thanks to Matt for his treatment of my foot."

V.S 03/08/2010,
V.S 03/08/2010

"I have been very pleased with Andre's level of care and have already recommended him to a friend of mine. Thank you again for all the help provided."

M.C 07/06/2010,
M.C 07/06/2010

"Very good physio with knowledge of injury."


"Very impressed with the physio and service as a whole."

Anon 06/06/2010,
Anon 06/06/2010

"Having made little progress with osteopathy and another physio practice in the preceeding months, Danielle conducted a thorough assessment, identified muscle weaknesses/imbalances that were contributing to my back pain and advised me on appropriate exercises and activities that would help. The impact of my back pain is now minimal and I am managing it well following Danielle's plan. Thank you!"

K.V 23/03/2010,
K.V 23/03/2010

"Thought Danielle had great empathy and understanding in addition to her professional knowledge."

P.P 23/03/2010,
P.P 23/03/2010

"Andre was v good! Andre built rapport v quickly, established issues, explained what was going on. V pleased :)"

S.S 07/02/2010,
S.S 07/02/2010

"I would definitely recommend to all my friends. Couldn't have started the event - let alone completed it - without your help. Thanks."

G.S 28/11/2009,
G.S 28/11/2009

"Have had treatment 3 times (twice with Romy) and am very pleased."

N.H 05/11/2009,
N.H 05/11/2009

"Great all round. Really happy with the treatment. Thanks!"

J.F 23/10/2009,
J.F 23/10/2009

"An overall pleasant experience."

Anon 23/10/2009,
Anon 23/10/2009

"Excellent levels of service and I will recommend the clinic to others."

M.B 10/10/2009,
M.B 10/10/2009

"Very good. Very professional. Highly recommend."

P.H 29/10/2009,
P.H 29/10/2009

"Romy was pleasant and knew her job."

N.G 29/10/2009,
N.G 29/10/2009

"Extremely professional and excellent knowledge. Would highly recommend to others."

W.W 19/10/2009,
W.W 19/10/2009

"Many thanks Andre - you were fantastic and did the job."

N.T 10/10/2009,
N.T 10/10/2009

"I was very pleased and impressed by the service offered. Thank you for your assistance and sorting out my back. Regards."

R.G 06/10/2009,
R.G 06/10/2009

"I was recommended to Physiotherapy London following a back injury. I found Peter's level of professionalism, motivation, and encouragement outstanding. His knowledge, persistence and determination were key to my recovery. Without his positive attitude and approach, I would not have recovered as well as I have. I often started the appointment almost in tears and left feeling very happy and confident that I would recover. I had faith in Peter's approach and therefore in my own recovery. I still do have a little pain every now and again, however I now know it is down to me to keep up my strengthening and stretches and also let my body heal with time. Thank you Peter."

P.Y 03/10/2009,
P.Y 03/10/2009

"Very helpful with exercises given when not at physio sessions, and staff across the physio was very good, and the facilities very good and comfortable."

H.D. 30/09/2009,
H.D. 30/09/2009

"Peter was extremely adept at diagnosis and developing a treatment plan. My exercises and stretches immediately started to relieve pain, and my exercise routine was well designed. I have had several different physiotherapists in Canada, and none of them were half as skilled or effective as Peter and his treatment plan. Thanks Peter!"

K. J. 19/01/2009,
K. J. 19/01/2009

"Good well run clinic. Thank you."

G.S 28/09/2009,
G.S 28/09/2009

"An explanation and solution to my problem in only one session - excellent! The exercises were tough and took a long time to do every day but paid off eventually! Thanks"

C.B 07/09/2009,
C.B 07/09/2009

"I've already recommended the clinic to friends who have visited and also been very satisfied."

M.F 25/07/2009,
M.F 25/07/2009

"A superb friendly place and Romy has been immense and really put my mind at ease on so many occasions."

M.T 20/06/2009,
M.T 20/06/2009

"Very pleased with overall service. Peter was always willing to try new things and work hard although it was a slow process."


"Romy was excellent, a model of friendly professionalism. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to others, in fact I already have! Thanks for your help."

M.C 01/06/2009,
M.C 01/06/2009

"In general excellent and would recommend."

E.A 01/06/2009,
E.A 01/06/2009

"The receptionist was very helpful in trying to find me an appointment as quickly as possible. The treatment was excellent."

B.R 31/05/2009,
B.R 31/05/2009

"I have been to the clinic several times over the past 5 years. Each time I have attended, I have always received a professional service."

I.K 29/05/2009,
I.K 29/05/2009

"Very much appreciated the follow up by email, which demonstrated excellent customer care. Thank you!"

K.K 12/05/2009,
K.K 12/05/2009

"Very helpful and a good location for the office."

D.C 08/05/2009,
D.C 08/05/2009

"I had never needed physio before. It totally transformed something that had been a chronic problem for several years. I am now clear, and equipped with the knowledge to keep it that way. Thank you."

N.R 05/05/2009,
N.R 05/05/2009

"Very impressed with treatment. Follow up email is an excellent idea."

D.S 05/05/2009,
D.S 05/05/2009

"Practical and effective treatment and advice - Many thanks."

K.C. 03/05/2009,
K.C. 03/05/2009

"Brilliant! Romy fixed my hamstring when others failed. It's nice to be treated by a specialist who understands those of us who run, even though we know it's bad for us."

N.W 28/04/2009,
N.W 28/04/2009

"Very convenient from my office at Canary Wharf. Peter was excellent at explaining what was going on with my disc problem. Also adapted treatment based on response very effectively. He was also great at keeping my spirits up. Thanks to all."

P.M 12/04/2009,
P.M 12/04/2009

"Please pass on to Peter my thanks for his OUTSTANDING efforts. I do not remember the last time a medical professional spent so much time and made such a thorough effort to understand my clinical history and to look at my problem from multiple angles. Although my problem is not yet resolved, we did make some progress towards this - which is more than I had achieved with the NUMEROUS other practitioners I had seen."

E.S 24/03/2009,
E.S 24/03/2009

"I had seen many physios before with this 'problem', none of whom took the time and care that Romi did trying to cure/diagnose it. I have the utmost faith in her and all your staff!"

R.B 19/02/2009,
R.B 19/02/2009

"Superb all round - Thanks!"

J. S-J 18/02/2009,
J. S-J 18/02/2009

"Lovely friendly centre, expert physio and I would recommend"

S. P 07/02/2009,
S. P 07/02/2009

"Excellent and friendly service as usual."

P. G 27/01/2009,
P. G 27/01/2009

"The level of service was very good and the staff were very friendly and professional. I would recommend the clinic to friends and family and would also return."

A. M 23/01/2009,
A. M 23/01/2009

"Only needed one appointment. Good advice re exercises and didn't have to take another day off. Thank you."

D. M 21/01/2009,
D. M 21/01/2009

"Really very happy. I think I have been given the knowledge to manage my condition, but I would certainly visit again in case of need, and have recommended to others."

C. C. 19/01/2009,
C. C. 19/01/2009

Excellent all round. Thanks.

L. C 17/01/2008,
L. C 17/01/2008

Romy was excellent, knowledgeable and personable. I have recommended the clinic to others.

K. T. 15/12/2008,
K. T. 15/12/2008

Helped enormously with my intermittent chronic problem, thanks!

H. P 14/12/2008,
H. P 14/12/2008

Excellent service. Found the root cause of the problem, which is amazing. Excellent, no rush treatment , and I will definitely recommend. I even prefer to visit again.

S. N. 11/12/2008,
S. N. 11/12/2008

Super doper.

R. M. 09/12/2008,
R. M. 09/12/2008

Excellent job.

R. F. 20/11/2008,
R. F. 20/11/2008

I couldn't have run the ½ marathon without the help of my physiotherapist. She's brilliant, would recommend to friends. Many many thanks!

J. W. 17/11/2008,
J. W. 17/11/2008

The entire experience was fabulous! Thanks

G. W. 15/11/2008,
G. W. 15/11/2008

Addressed my concerns, especially regarding running. Explained problem well. Arranged appropriate follow up. Very friendly and efficient service. No problems since, but would know what to do to manage it if it returned.

Z. L. 14/11/2008,
Z. L. 14/11/2008

Romy is great - very patient and effective

A. C. 19/10/2008,
A. C. 19/10/2008

An excellent service all round.

W. M. 15/10/2008,
W. M. 15/10/2008

Thank you very much indeed!


Great service, expertise and professionalism.

C. T. 09/10/2008,
C. T. 09/10/2008

Debbie was excellent.

W. S 04/10/2008,
W. S 04/10/2008

Best explanations I have ever received at a physio. It really helped! Thank you.

B. W. 26/09/2008,
B. W. 26/09/2008

Miffy went to great efforts to try and find a solution to my long-standing patella tendonitis - even raising my case at a weekend course she attended.

J. E. 09/09/2008,
J. E. 09/09/2008

It has been an amazing experience EVERY TIME at Physiotherapy London. Peter is a very well trained, excellent professional with a very friendly approachable style, a great sense of humour and the best healing hands. Anne runs the BEST physiotherapy clinic in London.

B. K. 09/09/2008,
B. K. 09/09/2008

Cannot rate Peter highly enough - very professional and could explain things even to a lay person. Would happily recommend. S. F. 06/09/2008 I was very impressed with the professionalism and skill of Peter Mulvey. Appointments were available very promptly and to suit my convenience

L. B. 31/08/2008,
L. B. 31/08/2008

Everything to do with the clinic was excellent - best physio I've had by a long way. Romy was fantastic, very helpful and professional

B.N (Undated),
B.N (Undated)

The speed of recovery is down to me and doing my exercises, if I forget the pain comes back but the exercises work! The clinic was recommended to me and I have also recommended the clinic to friends. I think it is great, people are fantastic, very professional.

M. W 08/07/2008,
M. W 08/07/2008

Practitioner and reception staff friendly, helpful and made what could have been an unpleasant experience bearable if not fun. Hope not to need future treatment, but glad Physiotherapy London are there if I do.

R. S. 07/07/2008,
R. S. 07/07/2008

Excellent service by Romy. Immediately correctly diagnosed condition, this enabled me to adjust training so I could successfully run the FLM'08 P. G. 06/07/2008 Attn Peter Mulvey - Thank you for the treatment provided during wks 38/39 of my pregnancy. The exercises made a world of difference. Baby [E. G] was born 40 weeks exactly 7lb 13oz. J. C 05/07/2008 Great service. Will miss the slave driver Peter!

K. S-F 04/07/2008,
K. S-F 04/07/2008

Romy is fantastic! I was 90% better after my first visit. The exercises I was given helped a lot and I still do them now. Thanks Romy.

R. J 23/05/2008,
R. J 23/05/2008

Excellent service and care. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else for my physio treatment.

S.S 24/04/2008,
S.S 24/04/2008

Peter was by far one of the best persons to consult, should the need arise for physio. His professional balance of physical and psychological needs for me the patient were spot on. Enthusiastic; dynamic; empathic; and yes at times damn entertaining with his Irish quip. Excellent professional service. Thank you.

Anon 20/04/2008,
Anon 20/04/2008

I was extremely pleased with the Spinal Specialist who was knowledgeable and caring, but also disciplined in making me do exercises to help the process. After the treatment I feel I understand the process so am better motivated to keep healthy! Very happy to recommend clinic. Anon/Undated. Peter and the treatment he provided was excellent. As well as the treatment given during appointments he provided a full programme of exercises for me to do in order to aide recovery . My recovery took slightly longer than anticipated but I am now pain free.

T. S 14/04/2008,
T. S 14/04/2008

Very impressive. I had a deadline to work towards as I was going on a golf holiday and hurt my back. Peter was very focused on getting me ready, but also recommend exercises to prevent it in the future.

N. H. 12/04/2008,
N. H. 12/04/2008

Fully recovered thanks to Miffy. Have even run my first half marathon, so thanks very much.

S. V. 06/04/2008,
S. V. 06/04/2008

Treatment at this clinic has changed my opinion of having a preference for chiropractor/osteopathy to believing that physiotherapy can and does help my spinal problems.

J. M 06/04/2008,
J. M 06/04/2008

Very friendly staff, good atmosphere, was well looked after.


Having received treatment for previous injuries at NHS and private physio, it was a welcome change to receive treatment from a physio who was able to fully explain the injury. Will definitely recommend. Thank you.


I have already recommended Peter to others.

J. S 08/03/2008,
J. S 08/03/2008

This was the first time I went private and so I was a bit worried that the treatment may be dragged out a little. However, I need not have worried because no sooner had my problem been sorted I was sent on my way, which I thought was excellent. Peter the physio I saw was very good and had me moving in no time, and the exercises he taught me have been very useful. I would definitely recommend the practice to someone.

Anon 06/03/2008,
Anon 06/03/2008

The price is right as well!

H.Y 06/03/2008,
H.Y 06/03/2008

Great service. Wonderful array of treatments. I certainly learnt a lot and genuinely did the prescribed exercises. Hope to hurt myself soon so I can come back.

A.L 05/03/2008,
A.L 05/03/2008

Miffy and Peter are fantastic! Could not have gotten through my marathon without them…and got APB to boot! Thanks!

C. M 03/03/2008,
C. M 03/03/2008

Extremely pleased with the level of service and the effectiveness of the treatment.

J. B 20/02/2008,
J. B 20/02/2008

Absolutely 100% the right choice, so glad I picked your practice

P. L 02/2008,
P. L 02/2008

Peter is the only physio who has found the cause of my problem and effectively treated it. At present I no longer have any neck, shoulder or lower back pain. Very impressed.

D. L 15/02/2008,
D. L 15/02/2008

I have recommended the clinic to colleagues who have also had a good experience with treatment.

S. M 14/02/2008,
S. M 14/02/2008

Excellent. Very friendly, very professional. Superior to other clinics I have been to in nearly every way.

D. L 07/02/2008,
D. L 07/02/2008

Miffy is extremely professional and very well informed of the condition for which I am seeing her


Thanks for working within my time-frame for Fire Brigade physical tests - I passed and have remained fit through training!

E. L 05/02/2008,
E. L 05/02/2008

Having been pleased with the treatment I received from Anne, I have been equally pleased with Peter; very different approach. The fact that I have not been back to you is indicative of the efficacy of his advice.

C. M 19/01/2008,
C. M 19/01/2008

The service was exceptional. The professional expertise with consumate care of Jack Mest was beyond compare. Brilliant!!

Lord M 5 June 2016,
Lord M 5 June 2016

"Mani and Karlee were fantastic, and very helpful in communicating with my surgeon"

Diane 16 May 2016,
Diane 16 May 2016

'Fantastic professional'.

N. D 6th April 2016,
N. D 6th April 2016

'Excellent physio. Very enthusiastic. Would recommend'.

C. C 8th March 2016,
C. C 8th March 2016

'Please let Jack know my marathon time of 4:01:40 🙂

R. G 4th March 2016,
R. G 4th March 2016

I've had a very good experience. Mani has been very supportive and provided a thorough rehab plan. My only thought is that the centre needs a gym so we can work on machines during the session. Also longer session (at a higher cost) would give more time for gym work. Perhaps have a mixture of 45 and 30 minutes sessions.

Mike Thomas 18 Oct 2016,
Mike Thomas 18 Oct 2016

The staff are always helpful and pleasant. My physio Mani, has been very informative and clear about the diagnosis of my injury; as well as the treatment plan and setting realistic goals given my time-frame for recovery. He is always very friendly and I would highly recommend him personally, as well as Physiotherapy London in general.

Oscar Branigan 16 Oct 2016,
Oscar Branigan 16 Oct 2016

Mani is one of the best physios i have met and worked with. He provides excellent care and the right treatment. Excellent communication and explanations on why and what the treatment and exercises will help/do. I would recommend this practice.

Rick Taylor 11 Oct 2016,
Rick Taylor 11 Oct 2016

I am very pleased with the treatment I received from my therapist, Jack Mest. He was very thorough and professional, gave very helpful advice, and was very friendly at each visit.

Renata S, 3 Dec 2016,
Renata S, 3 Dec 2016

'My problem hasn't been completely solved, but Neil has helped to make it more bearable and has given me the tools I need in order to make additional progress on my own'.

Paul V 13th March 2017,
P. V 13th March 2016

Outstanding service, would definitely recommend family and friends

David P – 3rd April 2017,

'Milly was extremely helpful and once we realised I needed a scan she was great at putting me in touch with the right Consultant very quickly'.

H. E 21st May 2017,
H. E 21st March 2016

Great treatment plan and perfect service. The best physiotherapist I've seen.

Vivien W 26 July 2017,
Vivien W 26 Nov 2016

Great treatment and knowledge on the affected area. Enjoyed the treatment, and Mani's a very nice guy. Would definitely recommend. Great place to go for physio if you work in Canary Wharf

Leah Davey 12 Sept 2017,
Leah Davey 12 Nov 2016

I initially chose Physiotherapy London due to the location near Canary Wharf, but it turned out to be an excellent choice. Mani is clearly an expert in his field-each session and subsequent follow up had me on the road to recovery in no time. I can highly recommend Physiotherapy London.

Tim M – August 2017,
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